Steps To Obtaining A California Contractor License

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The California State License Board (CSLB) licenses contractors in the state of California. The Board processes all licensing applications, renewals, additional classifications, and changes of license records, and is in place to protect consumers and regulate contractor activities in California.


Looking to get licensed? Read our step-by-step guide on How To Get a California Contractors License.


Who Needs a California Contractor License?

Any business or individual who constructs, alters, or offers to construct or alter any

• Building
• Road
• Highway
• Railroad
• Parking facility
• Excavation
• Other structure

In California (apart from federal projects in California) a person must be licensed by the CSLB if the total cost of materials and labor under one or more contracts of a project is $500 or more.

California contractor licenses are available in over 40 contractor classifications.

Common classifications are:

• General building
• Electrical works
• Plumbing
• Painting
• Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning
• Landscaping
• Roofing 
• Concrete and tile works


Eligibility for the California Contractor License

The basic qualifications for obtaining a California contractor license are:

• Being 18 years old or older
• Having a valid Social Security number
• Showing proof of experience and skill necessary to manage the activities of a construction business, or being represented by another qualifying individual with the necessary experience or skills.


How to get a California Contractors License



We wrote an entire blog post on the exact steps.

Check it out here: How To Get a California Contractors License. 


Insurance Requirements and California Contractor Bond

New Bond Requirement - Effective January 1, 2016

With your application for a contractor license, or after notification of acceptance by the CSLB, you will have to submit:

  • A $15,000 California Contractor Bond 
  • Proof of Workers Compensation Insurance or an exemption certificate that certifies no workers are employed


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Notification of Approval

Expect the process of approval of your application to take three to four months, though the CSLB updates status information weekly.

After the CSLB accepts your application, you'll get a letter of acknowledgement that includes a nine-digit Application Fee Number and a four-digit PIN that you can use to check your application status on the CSLB website.


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